Monday, February 20, 2012

Beads are tiny, needles are sharp.

I continue to pick away, both at revisions and at setting up and arranging things for the Kickstarter project I have planned for next month. This is requiring not only my writing brain, but many different slices of the creative pie as well.

Like a lot of us writerly types, my urge to create does not only come out in putting words on the page. I'm a crafter. I was a crafter before I started trying to write for publication. I cross-stitch. I sometimes play with clay. I have done some drawing though nothing much that I would share with anyone else. I have a small business in which I dye yarn and spinning fiber. Makes sense, then, that I'm a knitter, spinner and crocheter myself yes?

I also do beadwork. I don't string beads, as I feel I have no real talent with that, and the few times I've attempted wire-wrapping, I'm mostly made spaghetti with beads for meatballs, but I do beadwork, or more specifically, beadweaving. I've made bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I design them myself.

And sometimes I design things that are a little more silly, a little more fun. Like this guy:

This little fella will be attached to a length of ribbon soon, and become a bookmark, something I'll be adding to my incentives at one of the higher levels of my project. Why higher? One takes me about three hours to do, start to finish. You can understand then, I'm sure, why I wouldn't want to make one for everyone who donated $5. There are other rewards for that.

But at the higher level, I will absolutely make one for those interested. I'll be making up a few more in different colors, just to give options. I think they're fun.

But this is supposed to be about writing, yes? Here's my favorite snippet of the day:

"Of all the things she loved about her brother, his careless elegance topped the list. Some dragons worked hard on their appearance, waiting for just the right sunlight. Just the right breeze. Silaune was simply himself and he was stunning."

I don't know. Something about dragons posing for effect amuses me.  Is that wrong?

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