Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holding patterns aren't just for airplanes.

So it's been a week plus since the results for the SYTYCW top 10 were released. Voting is still going on through the 25th.  You can vote once per 24 hours. Have you gone to read? Do you have a favorite?

I have been voting faithfully, and just as faithfully (or obsessively, but who uses that word? Seriously.) checking my email. See, the top 50 were told that "on or just after" November 12th, we should be getting feedback. And, for the past ten days or so, it's been trickling in. Some of my fellow top 50 have gotten helpful feedback in the context of a pass. Some have gotten revision letters and resubmission invitations.

And then there's a handful of us who haven't heard anything.

Does this mean good news? Bad news? As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I'm beginning to feel like a Dr. Demento song. "Yeah yeah, patience. How long will that take?" (Points if you get the reference.)

In the meantime, I have for real and for true been doing a final edit and format on Tybalt so I can get that book out in the world. I have a couple of small ideas percolating in my brain for novella type stories, both with collaboration and not. I'm getting back in touch with cover artists and trying to decide what should go on my webpage ...

And wearing out my F5 key.

Sheesh. I'm a writer. I know a huge portion of this job is waiting, but that doesn't make it any easier.

Here's hoping I can cover up the rut paced into my carpet by the time my Thanksgiving company arrives.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The end is not the end.

It's results day for the So You Think You Can Write competition. The authors who moved on to the next round--the top 10!--have been posted and sadly my name is not there.

To tell the truth, it's not sad. A little disappointing? Sure. Don't we all want to win, deep down? I've been at this business a while now, though, and eventually you learn to take the passes with the praises, pick yourself up and move on.

In theory there will be feedback from the editors who read the book, which makes the whole competition worthwhile. Perhaps there will be a request for revisions and a second (third?) chance for this little book. Perhaps not. If not, I will find a cover artist and get it out there anyway, because really, I'm tired of having nothing out for people to read. :)

Go read the top 10 manuscripts, though, if you're a romance lover. They're complete, they're free, and one of those ten lovely ladies is going to get a publishing deal with Harlequin. I've voted, and will go back to vote every day. So can you. Doesn't cost anything. Consider it your daily good deed, if you like.

Also, as today is Tuesday, which means release day in the publishing world, go check out Chrysoula Tsavelas' Infinity Key. It's the second book in her urban fantasy series, and the publisher has put the first book on sale so you don't have to miss out on all the fun!