Monday, May 14, 2012

Time keeps on slippin'

I missed another day on Friday. I am sorry for that! Clearly I need to build up a backlog of posts so that when  I have nothing creative to say or I run out of time, I can pull from the pool and be good to go.


Hi! It's Monday again. It's Monday in the middle of May, actually. A very alliterative day and holy heck, how did it get to be that far into the year already? I distinctly remember when a month seemed like fooooreeeevvver, Mom (unless it was summer vacation) and now? Now they just zing by without giving us time to catch up.

Ah, the joys of getting older.

Over the weekend, I finally managed to see The Avengers. Yep, I'm a week behind oh, the rest of the world, but it was well worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It's been a while since I was caught off guard and laughed out loud in a movie. That happened several times. There were also a couple of near-sniffle moments. If you've seen it, you probably know what they were.

I have to confess, though: I still don't get Hawkeye. I don't know his story. What's the appeal there? Props for him actually, eventually, running out of arrows, though.

Nothing more exciting than that to report, I'm afraid. I hope your weekend was a good one, and that all of the moms in your lives had a fantastic day yesterday!

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