Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When you really want to share...

Perhaps you should. Or I should. Yes?

Yes, I say. Yes!

So, as advertised, I am chugging through edits on Immortal Lies for the last time, and I keep coming across parts I want to share. I'm calling that a good sign.

I really do like this book, regardless of how many times I've read it. Obviously I'm biased about how entertaining and witty it is, because a) it came out of my head and b) I keep coming back to work on it, but I think it's pretty entertaining and witty in places. I'm trying to do a last fix on the bits where it's not.

This is as far as I've gotten today, as I am now going to take a break and watch some mind-numbing television. The Engineer is home and that makes it tough to work for a while. It's the whole transitioning from having the house to myself and it being as quiet or noisy as I want it, and adjusting to someone else's commotion.



"You could kill him." Zach came back, another tray in his hands, new teacups and a fresh plate of cookies all neatly in place.  He put it down on the couch beside Granny and straightened, hands on his hips. He looked from face to face and his eyebrows rose. "What?"
     "Kill him?" I asked.
     Violet weighed in. "No killing."
     Zach made the circuit of face gazing again, then laughed, the sound abrupt and sharp. "You're kidding me, right? A vampire who won't kill? That's like a werewolf who's afraid of the dark." He chuckled another moment or two until he realized no one else had joined in. He cleared his throat. "If someone's got a tether on you, and Gran can't shake it loose, you're kind of stuck with doing things the ugly way, T. If you kill the guy who's hooked you, the hook goes away."
     He had a point. Not one I wanted to acknowledge just yet, but Zach was right. When all else failed, rely on the simple answer, no matter how messy. I sank back against the chair. Vi put her head against my knee.
     Zach picked up a teacup and brought it over. "All you have to do is find this guy."
     "Not a problem," I muttered into the steam. "He'll find me."