Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The end is not the end.

It's results day for the So You Think You Can Write competition. The authors who moved on to the next round--the top 10!--have been posted and sadly my name is not there.

To tell the truth, it's not sad. A little disappointing? Sure. Don't we all want to win, deep down? I've been at this business a while now, though, and eventually you learn to take the passes with the praises, pick yourself up and move on.

In theory there will be feedback from the editors who read the book, which makes the whole competition worthwhile. Perhaps there will be a request for revisions and a second (third?) chance for this little book. Perhaps not. If not, I will find a cover artist and get it out there anyway, because really, I'm tired of having nothing out for people to read. :)

Go read the top 10 manuscripts, though, if you're a romance lover. They're complete, they're free, and one of those ten lovely ladies is going to get a publishing deal with Harlequin. I've voted, and will go back to vote every day. So can you. Doesn't cost anything. Consider it your daily good deed, if you like.

Also, as today is Tuesday, which means release day in the publishing world, go check out Chrysoula Tsavelas' Infinity Key. It's the second book in her urban fantasy series, and the publisher has put the first book on sale so you don't have to miss out on all the fun!

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