Monday, June 4, 2012

An eventful weekend.

As I have previously posted, I will be working at various renaissance faires this summer. The weekend just past was one such event. (Look at that line. Look at the post title. See what I did there?) It was, as I hoped, a lot of fun. My feet are protesting this fact a little, but they can just hush right up.

It was a beautiful drive up to South Lake Tahoe. Though the internet access up there in them mountains is less than ideal, sometimes you have to take a step away from the computer and just appreciate. Then you spend time around other people who enjoy dressing in historical costume and entertaining patrons as much as you do yourself and, well. I had a blast. I'll be doing it again this coming weekend and then no more playing in garb for a while. Ah well. There will be more of that later.

This weekend also begins lots of travel for the household. Not so thrilled about that. June promises to be quite a lot of alone time. Good for writing and other projects that require no interaction. Not so great for ye olde social skills. By the end of the month, though, hopefully that will have calmed down and we'll be back on something like a normal schedule.

Unless we move. It is to dream.

At any rate, hello again! I hope that your Monday was less than horrible and that the rest of your week goes smoothly. If you are at either BEA or E3, know that I'm terribly jealous. And enjoy!

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