Monday, January 6, 2014

A book is a book. And a giveaway!

People whose work is published as an ebook, whether through a publisher or independently, inevitably get comments and questions about when they're going to write a "real" book, or how an ebook isn't a "real" book. It can't be held or touched, the pages can't be turned or dog-eared. There is no new page smell to a digital copy.

All of those things are true.

I am obviously too old to have grown up with ebooks. I read paperbacks voraciously. I freely confess that I used to be one of those people who turned up their noses at the idea of reading books on a computer screen. Video games? Sure. Reading for pleasure? Pshaw. (Nevermind how much time I spent talking to friends and roleplaying online. That requires reading on a computer screen. Usually for pleasure. Shh, just never-you-mind. :))

Slowly but surely, I have become a convert. Not because my books are all electronic. Mostly, it's because, let's face it, physical books take up a -lot- of space. It's great to have a few treasured copies of books that really move you or mean something. Possibly a signed hardback or two. We, the Engineer and I, are both serious readers. When we moved, we moved box upon box of Really Heavy Books. Most of which have yet to be unpacked. Why? Space. Books take up a lot of space.

It's also a heck of a lot easier to carry a laptop or an e-reader than to stuff half a dozen books in your carry-on or in the car when you're traveling. Or to read in bed when your partner wants to sleep. Or any number of other reasons.

So yes, I'm a convert. I'm not saying I'll never read another paperback. Don't be silly.

Plus. Plus! In this new era of independent publishing, I have the option of physical copies of my books. Really, it's like having my cake and eating it too, only it's SO MUCH COOLER THAN CAKE!

And to celebrate all of this choice, (and slip briefly into my marketing hat), I'm sharing my glee and giving away two copies of Immortal Lies, in print.

If you're a slow convert to ebooks and you'd rather hold the book in your hand, this is for you.

If you want to see Anne Cain's amaaaaazing cover up close and personal, this is for you.

If you just like getting free books in the mail? Well. This is for you. :)

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It's Monday. I'm in a good mood. (And wordy, apparently.) Enjoy!

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