Friday, January 10, 2014

So after you write those words...

Yes, I'm still going on about words. I'm a writer. It's kind of what I do.

(If you ask my mother, she may hilariously tell you that sometimes I love my words too much.

Or, you could ask my former co-workers. They used to use me as thesaurus when they were writing documents and emails. In a fit of pique one morning, I said, "I don't like to use big words around you guys. It always makes me feel pretentious."


Ahem. Anyway!

Once I have written words, I almost always have to edit them. I would like to be able to write perfect prose and never have to look back, but if that's possible, I haven't done it yet.

On a good day, my edits look something like this:

Yesterday (and probably on a few more days in the future because I'm  changing some important things), my edits look like this:

Yes, you get points if you can read my chicken scratching. I'm not sure *I* can at this point.

Cover me. I'm going in!

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