Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking forward!

This is sort of the logical extension of the last post, isn't it? A retrospective followed by a ... what's the opposite of retrospective? Predictive? Not a noun, though. Oh words, why are you so hard?


It's 2014! Happy New Year! May this be your best year yet, in every way possible!

I sort of jokingly asked the Engineer if he felt completely different, at about 12:01 last night. He looked at me like I was crazy, but the new year is meant to be a new start. Time to put the past behind us and move on with confidence. Of course it's not as easy as the clock ticking over. I usually start out pretty optimistically, as we all do, I think (I hope!).  Let's see how long we can keep that going.

To encourage me, I'm actually going to post resolutions. This will help serve to motivate me, I hope, and keep me honest. It also makes me nervous. I don't want to let myself down on any of them, and I certainly don't want other people to see me trip over any. Fingers crossed!

In 2014, I would like:

  • to clean one thing in the house, every day. I have been doing better about cleaning in the new place. I'd like to keep that up. It's less stressful for everyone.
  • to walk every day. I need to get more exercise. Writing is a very sedentary thing and I don't think I'd take advantage of a treaddesk. Besides, outside is good for you. So.  Walking.
  • to read at least 25 books. I managed 16 last year, which is not that many, but given all that was going on, is decent-ish. This year, there are couple of fun reading challenges going on, so I think I can do it. I think I can, I think I can...
  • to express love or joy, out loud, at least once a day. There's not enough of this in my life. Just needs to be done, particularly to/for/with the Engineer. Love the family you've chosen, whatever the shape it takes.
  • to write every day (AKA the one people who don't live in my head care most about). I would like to write at least 250,000 words this year. I would like to publish at least two new full-length novels. I have gravy goals, but I'm going to keep them private, for now. The writing every day bit is the important one. And, to that end, you can watch my progress on this spiffy new tracker.

That's it! I think that's a pretty decent list.

And speaking of that walk, off I go!

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