Monday, March 19, 2012

Geeks just want to have fun.

And lo, much fun was had.

Yep, I'm a geek. I admit it. I'm not even particularly ashamed about it. I must not be, since I am many flavors of geek: writing, theatre, Shakespeare...

This weekend just past, I wore my gaming geek panties and spent the weekend with the Engineer (my husband) playing board games and RPGs (including old school WoD -- I played Killian, LA, you'd be proud!) and whatnot at ConQuest 2012. We live about ten minutes from where it was held, they were talking about it our local gaming store, the boy asked if I wanted to go and ... here I am telling you about it. Go figure.

There was not, as a result, much revising this weekend, but I'm back on track and working through it. There was not much sleep, either, so you wouldn't have wanted me to write. The story would suddenly take all sorts of weird twists and turns. For the bad. Just trust me.

But the fun is over and the games have been put away and the chores and errands and business stuff begins again.  Many errands have already been slain today, but not all of them. O no, my friends, there are many more to be conquered before the week is out.

What did you all do for the weekend? Was it fun? Is the week a drag or a much-needed-break from excitement overload? I hope there was some good sprinkled in there, whatever it involved.

(Did I mention I got a Hunger Games board game? Or that I may have squealed like a twelve-year-old fangirl? No? I still haven't! We shall not speak of this again!)


(( And yes, the Dragon Undone kickstarter is still running. More on that later in the week, no doubt.)

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