Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mark up your books!

Or, you know, use bookmarks.

Yes, I think I'm very clever. Sometimes, anyway. Other times, like today, I'm just a goof.

I have continued to work on the beading so that I can show examples of what the bookmarks offered as part of my  Kickstarter project for The Dragon Undone. Everyone who pledges $100 or more to the project will get one of these hand-designed, hand-beaded bookmarks of their very own, as well as digital and print copies of the book and a copy of the cover art. It's going to be an awesome package of stuff, if I do say so myself.

I mean, I think my bookmarks are pretty cute.

I have a couple more colors planned for examples. Gotta have a silver dragon, after all.

All in all, the project is doing pretty well. Chugging right along and nearing the $500 mark. I would dearly love to see it reach that number this weekend, at least.

Okay, I won't be modest. It's my birthday tomorrow. Having the whole project funded this weekend would be amazing.

A girl can dream. :)