Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekends are for fun!

It is Monday again. Somehow, despite the many campaigns against its continued existence, Monday continues to rear its head once a week.  My Monday involved another visit from the friendly stove repair guy, to see if we could actually get ours to, you know. Work. After last week's visit, it did not want to enhotten.


But the stove failure was forgotten in the face of company coming to visit to help me celebrate getting older during the weekend. There was yummy sushi consumed, there were Girl Scout cookies and alcohol purchased and sampled, and we went to see John Carter.

Which was, in short, thoroughly entertaining. Not perfect, not breath-taking, but it was fun. I really enjoyed it, though I still question how it was enhanced by 3-D, but that is me being grumpy about everything being 3-D now. We had the option of seeing the movie in D-Box seats, which are apparently the next stage of entertainment. They vibrate and lean or something, as you watch the movie. Like an amusement park ride. Smellovision can't be far behind now.

I taught my guests the very basics of knitting, too, which makes me feel pretty good. These are the first people I have personally taught and they were so enthusiastic and so happy to learn, that I just grinned a lot. Matter of fact I'm still grinning.

And with 20 days left to go in the Dragon Undone Kickstarter, we're still aiming for $1K and a short story on top of the novel itself. Check it out if you haven't, already. Spread the word if you have.

And happy Monday!

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