Friday, March 9, 2012

Old -and- graceful? Unpossible!

If I had to turn 40, at least I managed a pretty good day. :)

Yesterday I got all of my hairs cut for the first time in about five years. I know, I know, scold me if you will, but it took courage to go and tell a hair stylist that my self-esteem had kept me from letting anyone look at the sad state of my hair. I did it, though, and I am now sleek, smooth and tidy and I feel much better about myself. +1

I then took cupcakes to my knitting group. +1

And met my husband afterward at the gaming store to watch him finish up the last of the evening's board games. +1

Then home to relax and order the electric spinning wheel I've been wanting for a while. +1

And to discover that you, my lovely people, had indeed pushed me to, and then past, my $500 benchmark on the Dragon Undone kickstarter. Just shy of one-week post launch! +eleventyjillion!

So not at all a bad day.

Today I have company incoming for more birthday weekend shenanigans. We may see John Carter. We will most likely eat amazing sushi.

And I have another benchmark for us to reach.

In going through my writing folders, I discovered a short story I wrote for an anthology last year. It was not picked up, but I'm still pretty fond of it, and so I'm going to offer it to you.

When the Ravens Came Ashore is about 3,500 words. It's a different take on the Morrigan, the triple-aspected Celtic goddess of battle. And it starts like this:

     Stena knew the Romans were coming. Not by reading patterns in water or pulling out the insides of birds to  murmur over. That was her brother, OlĂ­ndico's, gift. Stena never saw portents in the clouds or heard omens on the wind. She didn't rely on an itching in her elbows or a pricking beneath her skin.
     But Stena knew the Romans were coming when the ravens came ashore. 

If the Kickstarter reaches $1000, I will send this short story to all of my backers in electronic version when the project is funded, in addition to anything else promised as incentives.

Sound good? Interested? Help me spread the word.
 And thanks for an amazing birthday.  :)

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