Monday, March 5, 2012

Now with that fresh cover artist smell!

It's Monday! (How did that happen again?) How was your weekend?

Mine was laid back and calm, just the way I like it. I spent some time playing board games with my husband and a group of like-minded individuals, and then I settled in for some domestic-type chores. In between those things, I played a mad game of F5 with my web browser, hoping to stay on top of my Kickstarter project for  The Dragon Undone. I launched on Friday, and I am not at all disappointed with where it's gone since then.

Onward and upward, though. That's the perpetual hope.

The first update has gone out to backers, and while I won't share the entire letter, I can share some pretty exciting news: I have a cover artist!

Yes, I hinted before, but I wanted to be sure our schedules would mesh somewhat before I put either one of us on the spot. I think I can do that now, though, so without further ado, the cover artist for <u>The Dragon Undone</u> is Anne Cain!

Go check out her website. Take a look at her portfolio to get a glimpse of the awesome that is to come, and do a little dance with me. One step further along the road to A Book.

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